Our Green Commitment

Massage Green Spa operates on a very simple principle – we desire and strive to create:

Heathy Buidling, Healthy Bodies.

We believe that in order for our valued customers to experience the full healing power of a therapeutic massage or facial session, they need to be in an environment that cultivates cleanliness and reduces stress. This is why all of our national clinics are constructed from mostly eco-friendly building materials. Items like the ones listed below, provide the essential basis for our clientele to relax and breathe easier.

•    Recycled drywall
•    Zero VOC pain
•    Recycled cellulose insulation and ceiling tiles
•    Engineered cultured stone and granite
•    Porcelain tile
•    Low consumptive lighting
•    High efficiency furnaces and water heaters
•    Purified water

Expanding into our lines of service, we only use hypoallergenic lotions, oils and facial products that remain chemical and preservative free. All of our table linens and towels within the spa are eco-washed and monitored to endure that harsh chlorines and other water chemicals have either dissipated or been eliminated prior to entering our spa environment. We believe that purity is of the utmost importance and while at Massage Green Spa, our clientele have found our services to whisk away stress, but more importantly allow them to detoxify and simply leave our spas feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.