About Us

Allie T. Mallad launched Massage Green Spa in 2008 after successfully owning and operating more than 10 national franchise concepts throughout his professional career. Mallad conceptualized a service offering that encapsulated the benefits of healthy and wellness through massage while ensuring that the luxury spa concept was managed at a low cost point. By synergizing the eco-friendly green extension of service, Allie not only was able to create ‘A Luxury that Everyone Can Afford”, but most importantly he created a vehicle that could preserve an enriched client experience through “Healthy Building and Healthy Bodies”.

Within 5 years of operation, Massage Green Spa has successfully opened and sold development rights to more than 470 spa locations nationally. We have been privileged in this short time to be named the “Executive Massage Therapy Clinic of the Detroit Tigers” baseball clue and have build national advertisements through television, radio and other mediums.

Currently operating within the great states of Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Texas, Colorado and California we pride ourselves on standardizing this concept by employing the greatest team possible.